Ice-T Wants the World to Know That He, Like His Child, Enjoys Sucking His Wife’s Breasts

The rapper defended Coco Austin's extended breastfeeding by reminding us that he, too, likes to suck on a boob every now and then

Ice-T and Coco Austin sit together in movie theater seats. The rapper recently courted controversy when he said he likes to suck his wife's breasts, just like their child.
Nothing to see her, just a man and his big titty wife, whose breasts he occasionally likes to suck.
Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Earlier this week, model and reality star Coco Austin made some predictable headlines when she, like many celebrities before her, shared that she still breastfeeds her arguably too-old child. News that Austin’s five-year-old daughter Chanel likes to supplement a diet of “steak and hamburgers” with “a little snack” from her mother’s breasts “every now and then,” as Austin told Us Weekly, was met with the usual raised eyebrows and outcry from critics, followed by the typical chorus of support from experts confirming it’s fine to breastfeed kids later in life and doing so might actually have some COVID-19 prevention benefits.

Then Austin’s husband Ice-T got involved, and things got weird.

On Wednesday, the rapper and actor took it upon himself to come to his wife and daughter’s defense. Unfortunately, he chose to do so by telling the world that he, too, enjoys sucking on his wife’s breasts. “News Flash! We feed Chanel FOOD…,” Ice-T tweeted. “She just likes to suck moms boob every now and then… Me Too!!!”

Naturally, Ice-T’s attempted defense was met with a mixed response. While some commenters commended the rapper for supporting his wife’s extended breastfeeding, others criticized the star for equating breastfeeding with a sex act and arguably sexualizing his own child in the process.

To be clear, there is absolutely nothing weird about wanting to suck your wife’s breasts, and good for Ice-T for doing so. Is it kind of weird, however, to equate your child’s breastfeeding with the kind of oral breast-play two adults do in the bedroom? Yes, maybe a little, in that it both sexualizes a child — Ice-T’s own child, in his instance — as well as breastfeeding in general, which is something that has long made public breastfeeding a heavily stigmatized nightmare for mothers.

That said, I actually have some sympathy for Ice-T here, who was, it should be noted, pretty clearly making a joke. Ice-T obviously thought he was responding to the BS “controversy” surrounding a parental choice he and his wife are well within their right to make regarding their own child with a light-hearted, slightly provocative quip. Was the execution a little shaky? Yes, but the intention was good, and in the grand scheme of off-color jokes made by clueless men, this one isn’t really doing much harm. We all know what Ice-T was going for here, now please let the man suck his wife’s titties in peace.

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