Help Plant 1 Million Redwood Trees Without Lifting a Finger

Let the green thumbs at For the Wild do the work for you

December 1, 2017 9:00 am

This year, the thermostat in Los Angeles hit a record-shattering 93 degrees … on Thanksgiving. While climate change deniers need to do some serious self-reflection, the rest of us need to acknowledge that it’s going to take a lot more than Tesla batteries to keep temps down.

Carbon emissions not only needs to be halted, it needs to be captured.

The treehuggers at For The Wild have an idea that not only sounds warm and fuzzy, but could also provide future generations with a more diverse ecosystem to wander through. Their 1 Million Redwoods Project, now on Kickstarter, aims to cultivate redwood saplings as well as understory from plants and fungi for transplanting to areas that have been deforested for lumber.

This approach has some legs. A full-grown tree can absorb around 48 pounds of carbon a year. However, a full-grown tree is only about 40 feet tall. Redwoods, on the other hand, grow to 300-something feet tall and live for thousands of years. They also require a lot less water, soaking up moisture from Pacific fog.

Logging has claimed 96% of the coastal redwoods in America, and this project aims to replant what’s been taken by harvesting seedlings from the crowns of fallen trees and those remaining. The funds will help support the irrigation, fencing, biodegradable nursing pots and seed/fungus bank materials.

For The Wild also plans to partner with universities, State Fish and Wildlife and Parks as well as organizations like Trout Unlimited and the Native American Tribes whose reservations have seen deforestation.

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