The Hollywood Sign Is the Hollyboob Sign Now

The iconic sign got a short-lived makeover before police arrived

hollywood sign
This, but make it about boobs.
Photo by AaronP/Bauer-Griffin/GC Images

In an early episode of the animated Netflix series BoJack Horseman, the titular horse man gets wasted and steals the D from the Hollywood sign. Everyone adapts pretty quickly, and the people (and anthropomorphic animals) of L.A. spend the rest of the six-season series simply referring to Hollywood as “Hollywoo.”

This is kind of like that, but with boobs — or boob, to be more specific. Six people were arrested Monday after altering the iconic Hollywood sign to read “HOLLYBOOB,” the L.A. Times reported, and I kind of can’t believe this is the first time this has ever happened. While the sign has been humorously tampered with before — on New Year’s Day in 2017, it briefly read “HOLLYWeeD” — this appears to be the first time anyone has successfully transformed the sign into a tribute to breasts, which I find much more shocking than the stunt itself. Changing the Hollywood sign to say “HOLLYBOOB” seems like something that should happen so frequently it is hardly newsworthy at all. While I myself have never personally thought about tampering with the sign in this manner, now that it has happened it seems so obvious I can’t believe it doesn’t happen every day.

It’s just human nature to want to make things spell the word “boob.” From the very first time someone types 5318008 on our calculators and turns them upside down in elementary school, we, as human beings, are condemned to search for opportunities to create a lexical tribute to the mammary organs whenever we can. It’s truly a miracle we were able to resist the siren song of those double Os rising over Hollywood as long as we did.

The culprits who finally seized this opportunity have not been identified, but they have reportedly claimed the stunt was done in the name of breast cancer awareness. One woman, however, has come forward to take credit for the sign’s short-lived transformation, a woman who has a history of boob-related pranks. Influencer Julia Rose, perhaps best known for flashing an Astros pitcher during the 2019 World Series, shared a series of social media posts suggesting she is in fact behind the Hollywood sign’s makeover, Insider reported.

In one post, captioned “that one time I changed the Hollywood sign to #hollyboob,” a video appears to show Rose being led down the mountain by police, while another shows Rose posing in front of the altered sign with the caption, “Guys…I finally fixed the Hollywood sign.”

Whether or not Rose is actually behind this work of artistic genius, the culprits got off relatively easy. Since the alteration was only temporary — the Hollyboob artists simply threw a tarp with the letter B over the W, and placed a white dash inside the D to create the second B — the arrestees will only be cited with misdemeanor trespassing, not vandalism, and released. Unfortunately, it seems Hollywood won’t be rebranding to Hollyboob after all.

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