This Historic Pennsylvania Pub Hosts Its Own Olympics Every Year

Rohman's Inn was originally built in 1849.

Rohman’s Inn and Pub can be found in a remote area of northeast Pennsylvania. The unincorporated village of Shohola is home to a few houses, a post office, bank, church and about 25 or so other buildings.

Rohman’s Inn, originally built in 1849, stopped functioning as an inn 40 years ago. But the two-and-a-half story wood-frame building, which has a seven-bay porch, is still home to Rohman’s Pub, which can be found on the basement-level floor. It is a fixture for contractors and retirees who come to play pool, listen to the jukebox and order drinks at the 54-foot wooden Brunswick bar, writes Atlas Obscura. 

When the weather is nice, bikers from New Jersey and even New York City make their way to the pub. For more than 100 years, Rohman’s has survived, despite different owners, iterations, and major fires. There was a time when Rohman’s was one of dozens of hotels and boarding houses that served visitors of a long-disappeared tourist attraction called Shohola Glen.

Almost all the tourist attractions of Shohola are gone, buried by forest and flood. But that doesn’t stop Rohman’s from hosting their own Olympics. For the past 32 years, Rohman’s has had its own Men’s Olympics each winter. This year, about 350 people gathered to watch. The events include keg throwing, Polish skiing (four men are tied by their feet to a single pair of wooden planks), bed racing (four men push a wheeled, iron-framed bed that includes a mattress and supine teammate), and cooking contests.

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