Here’s a List of the Richest Person in Every U.S. State

April 2, 2017 5:00 am
Richest Person Every State
(RealClearLife Photo Illustration)
Richest Person Every State
(RealClearLife Photo Illustration)

Attention Texans: Get to know Alice Walton. Why? She’s the richest person in the state, with a net worth of $33.3 billion.

As luck would have it, Forbes recently published a list of the richest person in the other 49 states in the union.

We’ve curated a selection from the publication’s list below, including the state, its richest person, and their net worth.

Washington (state) – Bill Gates – $76 billion*

Nebraska – Warren Buffett – $67.9 billion

California – Mark Zuckerberg – $51.6 billion

New York – Michael Bloomberg – $43.6 billion

Florida – Thomas Peterffy – $13.1 billion

Hawaii – Pierre Omidyar – $7.8 billion

South Dakota – Gary Tharaldson – $980 million

New Mexico – Mack C. Chase – $690 million

Vermont – John Abele – $600 million

Alaska – Leonard Hyde, Jonathan Rubini, and Families – $350 million

*Just this past Wednesday, Jeff Bezos officially became the second richest man in the world—as well as in Washington state—with an estimated net worth of $75.6 billion.

For the complete list, read the original article on Forbes.


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