Guy Photoshops Himself Into Kendall Jenner’s Instagram Photos, Hilarity Ensues

Online comedian creates an virtual universe where he's the popular celebrity's BFF.

May 12, 2017 10:24 am
(Kirby Jenner/Instagram)
(Kirby Jenner/Instagram)

This mustachioed joker has made it his life’s calling to troll Kendall Jenner on Instagram. And, after her disastrous Pepsi ad heard ’round the world and Fyre Festival debacle who can blame him?

It’s all in good fun, though; nothing sinister here. Going by the obviously assumed identity “Kirby Jenner”—and referring to himself as an amateur model and “fraternal twin” of Kendall in his own Insta-bio—the visual comedian Photoshops himself into Kendall’s Instagram pics, and then makes up an alternate story for why he’s there in the caption field.

Take a look at some of the better shots below or Read more about the artist at Vice.

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