Great White Shark Jumps At Scientist Standing On Boat

If you don't like sharks, maybe don't watch this one.

A great white shark heads towards the camera, just below the surface of the water. (Brad Leue / Barcroft Images)
Barcroft Media via Getty Images

Marine scientist Gregory Skomal has been going out on a boat twice a week for four-and-a-half months at a time for about four or five years now, all for research purposes. Off the coast of Massachusetts, it is pretty typical that his team see a great white shark, and they usually try to get video of it and tag it.

But this time, Skomal was on a boat when a great white shark came out of the water and jumped at Skomal’s feet.

“I gotta tell you, it startled me, it startled me quite a bit,” said Skomal to CNN. He tried to put the camera in the water and get footage, which unfortunately he did not.

Great white sharks typically do not breach, or jump out of the water, in this part of the world. Skomal said it was really rare that the shark jumped out of the water and he is unsure why it did. Watch the footage below.

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