Google is Using Your Secrets to Personalize Your Newsfeed

The omniscient tech giant has introduced a more intelligent news algorithm driven by your search history.

July 19, 2017 10:38 am

Google is using what it’s learned about you to create a personalized newsfeed to appear in the company’s apps, Mashable is reporting. Similar to Facebook’s newsfeed, rather than updates from friends and family, users will instead find links to stories and content that Google thinks will interest you — and it looks very similar to what’s been in the Google app for some time.

Image: Google

But make no mistake: This is more than an updated Google Now, with the Vice President of Engineering, Shashi Thakur, noting that it’s far more intelligent. Thakur reportedly said the new update will surface news stories with “multiple viewpoints” and “diverse perspectives, and will pull not only from things you Google, but also information you enter into other Google-owned browsers, like YouTube or Maps.

It is possible to opt-out of the feed, Mashable notes, so keep this in mind when the company rolls out the feed to browsers later in the year.

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