Google’s Most Searched Recipes of 2016 Is Really Just the Formula for the Ultimate Potluck

Who's the wise guy who brought the snow cream?

December 21, 2016 9:00 am

This year, the people of the United States ate a lot of side dishes.

Google has just released their annual Year in Search list, including the 10 most searched recipes of 2016. Before you try to guess: you won’t find Hawaiian poke. Or Nashville hot chicken. Or whatever other food trend you came across while dining out this year.

This is what Americans were cooking at home:

1. Green Bean Casserole
2. Brussels Sprouts
3. Hashbrown Casserole
4. Guacamole
5. Chicken Marsala
6. Chicken Tetrazzini
7. Snow Cream
8. Buttercream Frosting
9. Pork Chops
10. Turkey Gravy

Basically, simple sides and Thanksgiving classics, with a few desserts to boot. In other words: the ultimate potluck.

That’s right. Coming together as a nation, we may just have collectively cracked the code to the perfect potluck supper menu.

Just don’t be the guy to bring the snow cream. That guy is weird.

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