A Newspaper That Has All the Feel-Good Stories Fit to Print, LIterally

Not fake. Promise.

April 3, 2017 9:00 am

Show of hands. Who here is tired of political news?

Assuming a room full of raised fists, allow us to introduce you to the Goodnewspaper, an actual, physical newspaper brimming with the bright side of life.

It’s the brainchild of Brenden Montague, a scrappy, baby-haired journalist who runs a newsletter and podcast in a similar vein — just the hopeful, positive stories.

Montague isn’t suggesting you give the bad a rest and only read the good in the world. However, staying positive is scientifically proven to help you both connect compassionately with others, and give you the creativity and stamina to solve problems.

“The world is full of good news,” says Montague. “Not the cheesy stuff, but real, messy good news.” He cites how researchers developed an Ebola vaccine that’s 90 percent effective, and how terrorism, despite the daily headlines, is actually declining.

The Goodnewspaper is a quarterly rag that only costs $30 for an annual subscription. Consider it preventative medicine.

For the key to wellness is being well-informed.

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