Giant Robot Duel Between the U.S. and Japan Scheduled for August

April 5, 2017 3:13 pm
(MegaBots via YouTube)
(MegaBots via YouTube)


Two years ago, the Internet lit up with excitement when a group of American engineers challenged their Japanese counterparts to a battle of brain and mechanized brawn.

It may have taken a long time, but that giant robot duel is actually happening.

MegaBots, a group of engineers with a deep passion for robots, is trying to create a UFC-style league for human-piloted robot fighting. In 2016, the group raised $2.4 million in funding and tapped a venture capitalist firm that’s helped build up governing bodies in the NFL, NBA, and MLB, according TechCrunch.

To generate hype for the futuristic “sport,” the guys behind MegaBots challenged their counterpart in Japan, Suidobashi, in 2015. The plan was to pit the American bot against the Japanese bot and stream it live. That fell apart after there were issues with the venue, The Verge reports.

But on Wednesday, Megabots revealed the battle is back on and scheduled for August. They plan to reveal the latest version of their two-story machine, MKIII, in May.

It’s important to note these robots are not exactly ripped from a scene in Pacific Rim. In reality, they’re are slow and clunky. Still, the duel in August will be a litmus test for public interest in a potential spectator sport.



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