Ghislaine Maxwell’s Husband Says She’s “Wonderful and Loving”

Mr. Ghislaine Maxwell thinks his wife is great, actually

Ghislaine Maxwell
Mr. Ghislaine Maxwell thinks his gal is just swell.
Paul Zimmerman/WireImage

Remember Ghislaine Maxwell, friend of Jeffrey Epstein accused of procuring and grooming girls to abuse with her pedophile buddy? Well, turns out there’s a Mr. Ghislaine Maxwell in the picture, and he thinks his wife is just lovely.

“I have never witnessed anything close to inappropriate with Ghislaine,” Maxwell’s mystery husband wrote in a letter asking a federal judge for a $28.5 million bail package. “Quite to the contrary, the Ghislaine I know is a wonderful and loving person.”

The bail application, including more than a dozen letters of support, was filed earlier this month in Manhattan federal court and unsealed on Monday, according to multiple outlets. Maxwell’s husband has reportedly agreed to co-sign a $22.5 million bond representing the couple’s entire net worth, with friends and family members offering up an additional $5 million worth of bonds to release Maxwell into home confinement while she awaits trial.

While the name of Maxwell’s husband is redacted from the court papers, he is widely thought and reported to be Scott Borgerson, the tech CEO with whom Maxwell was rumored to be hiding out in an ocean-front mansion in Massachusetts during the summer of 2019. The couple reportedly married in 2016, after which point Maxwell placed the majority of her $20.2 million net worth into a trust controlled by her husband.

After Maxwell’s arrest in July, a judge denied her request for a $5 million bail package, calling her a significant flight risk. Maxwell’s husband was not named at the time. In his recent letter, he blames “ferocious media aggression” for preventing him from signing the first application.

“It is hard to communicate in words the feeling of being stalked, spied upon and trapped by constant, 24/7 media intrusion,” he wrote in the letter.

Maxwell’s husband also wrote that while he was aware of his wife’s past relationship with Epstein, he believes Maxwell “had nothing to do with Epstein’s crimes.”

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