Ghislaine Maxwell Once Commissioned a Weird Birthday Song for Jeffrey Epstein

Just your typical birthday song about schoolgirl crushes and 24-hour erections

ghislaine maxwell and jeffrey epstein
Creepy song? Totally normal birthday present. No red flags there at all.
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On one of Jeffrey Epstein’s 66 birthdays, his friend and accomplice Ghislaine Maxwell apparently decided to gift her pedophile bestie a birthday song, and “Happy Birthday” simply wasn’t going to cut it.

Instead, Maxwell hired a writer to craft a musical birthday tribute fit for a child molester, with lyrics referring specifically to “schoolgirl crushes” and Epstein’s 24-hour erection. This cringeworthy if ultimately rather insignificant piece of the ever-growing Epstein puzzle comes to us courtesy of the writer hired to craft the filthy melody himself, Christopher Mason, who recently told The Times of London about Maxwell’s bizarre request.

According to Mason, Maxwell sought him out for the gig because he was well-known at the time for crafting witty tunes. But this job was different from any Mason had handled before. He was inundated with highly specific lyrical requests from Maxwell — including the aforementioned erection line, as well as lyrics describing the schoolgirl crushes students supposedly had on Epstein when he was a teacher at Manhattan’s Dalton School on the Upper East Side. 

Meanwhile, Mason was strictly prohibited from contacting any other sources for inspiration. “Normally I speak to as many people who know the person as possible. But this time I was only allowed to speak to Ghislaine,” Mason told the British outlet.

It’s left unclear when this request was made, whether Mason ever completed the song, or whether Jeffrey Epstein ever sought medical attention for his 24-hour erections.


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