Gender Reveal Party Pyrotechnics Sparked California Wildfire

The blaze has currently spread to over 7,000 acres

A firefighter works the scene as flames push towards homes during the Creek fire in the Cascadel Woods area of unincorporated Madera County, California.
JOSH EDELSON/AFP via Getty Images

California is presently dealing with a host of raging wildfires — making for devastating visuals from across the state and placing a host of lives and property at risk. That this has coincided with the pandemic has also come into conflict with the state’s approach of using incarcerated people to fight fires.

New information has come to light about one of the wildfires currently doing harm to the state. The El Dorado Fire, which began burning on Saturday morning, owes its origin to a gender reveal party where pyrotechnics were used.

According to an article at CNN, the wildfire — one of several currently being fought in the state — covers 7,400 acres. Only 7% of this particular fire is under control. The article also notes that 500 firefighters and 60 vehicles are currently working to extinguish the blaze, along with a quartet of helicopters.

Making matters worse, this is not the first gender reveal party to spark tragedy — literally, in this case. Last fall, the organizers of a gender reveal party inadvertently created a pipe bomb, which killed one partygoer. Gender reveal parties have also caused other wildfires and a plane crash.

In some cases, creating a bigger and more ornate event can be cause for celebration. In this case, the more complex iterations of gender reveal parties have literally left a trail of destruction in their wake. Perhaps it’s not so shocking that an early champion of these events is now in favor of them coming to an end.

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