Here’s a Site for All Your Crackpot Game of Thrones Theories

Is Cersei dead? Is Tyrion the Lord of Light?

April 17, 2017 9:00 am

Game of Thrones spoiler alert No. 1: Lots of fans have theories about how the series will finish.

Game of Thrones spoiler alert No. 2: Most of them are crazy-silly-stupid wrong.

The  “Theories Are Coming” fan theory generator cooks up aren’t much better, but they’re a bit more enjoyable to consider than the convoluted nonsense your buddies spew.

To get the generator to work, all you have to do is select a character (Tyrion, Arya, etc.) and then pair him or her with a possible scenario (controls the White Walkers, is secretly dead, etc.).

For example, match Jon Snow with “will rule Westeros in the end” and the generator says: “Sometimes the simplest prediction is the one that comes true. Jon Snow’s true parentage entitles him to the Iron Throne. He has had leadership thrust upon him repeatedly, often against his will. In a story where people who covet the Iron Throne often prove themselves unworthy of it (Viserys Targaryen and Stannis Baratheon weren’t the kings we’re looking for), a reluctant ruler may make Westeros great again.”

For another source of GoT theories, we hear there’s also a series of books based on the show …

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