Fourth Accuser Opts Out of Harvey Weinstein Settlement

Dominique Huett and others raise an unsettling issue with the overall deal

Harvey Weinstein
A fourth accuser has opted out of a $25 million settlement with Harvey Weinstein after raising concerns about who benefits from it.
Scott Heins/Getty Images

Last month, Harvey Weinstein reached a $25 million settlement with 30 women who had accused him of sexual misconduct. At the time, The New York Times reported that the settlement “would not require the Hollywood producer to admit wrongdoing or pay anything to his accusers himself.” 

Some may have seen that news and thought that it let Weinstein off a little too easy, considering the things he’s been accused of. As it turns out, several of Weinstein’s accusers have opted out of the settlement — the latest of whom, Dominique Huett, talked with The Guardian about her decision.

Huett’s account of her interactions with Weinstein is a harrowing one. She’s the fourth of his accusers to seek accountability in ways other than the settlement.

“Originally I thought it was the best option for everyone,” she told The Guardian, “but after finding out more details, I think that opting out is the best way to get a better deal for me and for everyone.”

From reading Lucy Osborne’s articles on the subject at The Guardian, it’s not hard to see where Huett is coming from. Among other things, Osborne reported in late December that the settlement is part of a larger deal settling the debts of the Weinstein Company. And while approximately $25 million will go to those who accused Weinstein of misconduct, another $12 million would cover “legal costs for Weinstein and his board.”

Huett’s phrasing of that split is eminently logical. “I feel the settlement amount is not very fair for all victims and the way it is structured really benefits the defendants a lot more than us,” she told The Guardian. Looking at that math, it’s not hard to see why. 

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