Four-Minute Blooming Flower Time-lapse Video Took Three Years to Make

Filmmaker Jamie Scott made the pollen-packed video as a follow-up to his viral hit 'Fall.'

May 15, 2017 5:00 am

Spring, a season that can turn stoics into romantics, is also the name of Jamie Scott’s four-minute timelapse of flowers blooming. It’s a testament to his persistence as much as the season’s natural beauty.

The New York-based filmmaker and visual effects artist took three years to produce the video. In the process, he shot over 8 terabytes of 5K video.

“Spring” makes flowers blooming in high-speed look like a carefully choreographed dance in one seamless, moving shot. The filmmaker has to carefully arrange the lighting to achieve the studio-like effect since there was little he could to do control the plants as they moved.

He also had to be prepared at all times because of the blooming periods and the seasonal availability of some of the flowers he wanted to use. “The cherry blossoms, for example, take at least two weeks to bloom and are only available for about six weeks of the year,” Scott told Fstoppers. “I only got three attempts per year.”

The timelapse is a follow-up to his 2012 video “Fall,” which went viral much like “Spring.”

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