Go Fishing With a Deep-Diving Robot

February 8, 2017 5:00 am

So you like fishing … but you also like utilizing every edge that technology can give you. Enter the PowerRay from PowerVision to give you a look under the water. The PowerRay can dive nearly 100 feet underwater and stay there up to four hours to give you a view from its integrated 4K UHD camera.

While the robot won’t catch any fish for you—that wouldn’t be sporting—it will provide information on their position. (At a minimum, you’ll know for certain that you’ve picked promising waters, since you can confirm the schools of fish are there.)

If you desire to go deeper, there will also be a PowerRay Fishfinder sonar system. This will detect fish roughly 130 feet below the PowerRay. (It has a built-in blue light to lure fish into view.) There’s even an optional remote bait drop that comes with the PowerRay to lure that perfect catch.

The preorder for the PowerRay starts Feb. 27; pricing has not yet been announced. To learn more about the PowerRay, click here. Or just watch the video below.

RealClearLife Staff

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