Fired Contributor Slams Fox News For Hypocrisy, Gossips on Hosts’s Alleged Affairs

Kevin Jackson was fired after he called Brett Kavanaugh's accusers "lying skanks."

kevin jackson
(Screenshot From Fox News)

Fox New contributor Kevin Jackson was fired last week after he tweeted that Brett Kavanaugh’s accusers were “lying skanks” — among a number of other controversial takes on the hearings for the Supreme Court Justice nominee.

And he doesn’t sound too apologetic. The pro-Trump radio host spoke out about his firing on Joe Piscopo’s radio show and criticized Fox News for what he calls their hypocrisy.

The interview started off with Jackson defending Bill Cosby, who has been accused of sexual misconduct by 60 women and was just sentenced to at least three years in prison for sexually assaulting a woman in 2004.

Jackson called Cosby and icon and said that he now sits in prison because “some lying piece of crap leftist feminist who will say whatever they pay them to say or do.”

He went on to say that “Fox is dumb” and that he could have saved his job if he had said something about his tweets. He then went on to name hosts who he claims have had affairs or “hung out with strippers.”

“Ed Henry was hanging out with strippers while he was married,” Jackson said, according to MediaIte. “Jesse Watters, who just recently divorced his wife, or is in the process, and he’s hanging out with some young chick that he did.”

MediaIte reports that Ed Henry took time off from the network in 2016 after tabloids reported on an alleged affair with a stripper, and Jesse Watters is divorcing his wife after an affair.

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