Filmmaker Creates Mars Landing Simulation Video from NASA Imagery

March 21, 2017 5:00 am


For the last 12 years, NASA has snapped 50,000 high-resolution anaglyph images of Mars and its breathtaking landscape.

But, until now, the magic of the Red Planet was lost on casual viewers since the photos were black and white and required 3D glasses to get the full effect.

A better look at the planetary landscape been painstakingly pieced together in a stunning new video.

Turns out, this is better than the real thing. “The best way to see the planet’s surface would be to take a digital image and enhance it on your computer,” Alfred McEwen, NASA planetary geologist, told Wired

That’s exactly what Finnish filmmaker Jan Fröjdman did. He spent three months breathing life into the static images by adding color and painstakingly stitching the photos together to create each stunning clip. The resulting video is a mesmerizing look at Mars’ valleys, craters, and mesas. Watch it below (in 2K HD, if possible).



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