FBI Insiders Furious After James Comey’s ABC Interview

Seven current or former FB agents and officials spoke to The Daily Beast about their frustration.

james comey
George Stephanopoulos sits down with former FBI director James Comey for an exclusive interview that will air during a primetime "20/20" special. (Ralph Alswang/ABC via Getty Images)
ABC via Getty Images

Former FBI director James Comey’s interview with George Stephanopoulos that aired on ABC on Sunday night has angered Comey’s former agents, according to The Daily Beast. Seven current or former FBI agents and officials spoke with Daily Beast during and after the interview aired.

“Hoover is spinning in his grave,” said one former FBI official. “Making money from total failure.”

Between segments, a promo aired about Comey’s upcoming interview with The View. One official didn’t like this, texting the Daily Beast, “Good lord, what a self-serving self-centered jackass. True to form he thinks he’s the smartest guy around.”

One longtime Comey source, a current FBI agent, started off sending multiple thumbs up emojis at the beginning of the interview, but then sent a frowny face, a nauseous emoji and a poop emoji.

One former official did stick up for Comey, saying that he seemed heartfelt and honest. “I thought he was highly trustworthy and very transparent, like watching someone in confession. It seems like he’s still wrestling with it.”

The former director was fired by Trump on May 9, 2017. He wrote a book about his experiences and his interview with Stephanopoulos was the first stop on his publicity tour. The book has not been well-received by those on the Hillary Clinton campaign. Clinton herself has blamed Comey as a major reason for her loss in 2016 after he publicly announced that he was reopening the investigation into Clinton’s use of a private email server, but did not mention that there were simultaneous inquiries being made into Russian links to members of Trump’s team.

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