Fans of Ted Bundy and Charles Manson Got Into a Huge Twitter Feud

We're just as shocked as you

Fans of Ted Bundy and Charles Manson get into Twitter Feud
The two people who 100% do not deserve fanbases

The Twitter stans are at war again but this time it’s not fans of Taylor Swift or Ariana Grande fighting over which artist rocks a better ponytail it’s fans of … Ted Bundy and Charles Manson?

Yes, you read that correctly. Apparently, a Twitter feud broke out this week among stans (you know what we mean by that, right?) of those two notorious serial killers who, may I reiterate, are famous for murdering a bunch of innocent people.

The feud began with a tweet from @TheBlackpinkWak who said, “Charles manson walked so ted bundy could run bitch sit down,” along with an edited video of Charles Manson doing some sort of courtroom dance set to Niki Minaj’s “Roman Holiday.” This hit on Ted Bundy enraged his fans and accounts like @bundysbiitch began throwing attacks at Manson for his poor hygiene and Nazi affiliations.

The feud was brought to a lot more people’s attention after Twitter user @artdisease posted a screenshot of the exchange saying, “WHY IS THERE BEEF BETWEEN TED BUNDY AND CHARLES MANSON STANS???? HELP!!!!, which is a very valid question and reasonable reaction to all of this.

More and more users began criticizing the fact that no one should be stanning serial killers, but the Bundy stans were hard at defending their “charming” murderer. They used footage from Bundy’s trials set to rap songs and insulted their critics.

Though the account that started it all, @TheBlackpinkWak, eventually admitted that they were just a fan account for a Korean pop girl group “Black Pink,” and the entire thing was just a joke. They tweeted, “These people think im a real Charles manson stan plsss,” with a bunch of crying emojis. Many Ted Bundy stans also confessed that it was a joke that got out of hand. A user that asked to remain anonymous told Rolling Stone, “Basically, me and a small group of friends had a long running inside joke over who would win in a fight: Ted Bundy or Charles Manson.” Then he created a Bunday fan page and began trolling Twitter users.

While they were alive, Manson and Bundy had a huge followings of fangirls who would write them letters, defend them on national television and in 2014, Manson even married one. And though the majority of the Bundy stands were just playing along with the joke, there were a few users who took it seriously, those being conspiracy theorists sexually attracted to the serial killer. As one member of “Ted Nation” told Rolling Stone, “He was forced to confess to try and save his own life. Anyone would, given the circumstances. Sure he had demons and faults. Everyone does. But this is our stance.”

So it’s true what they say —history repeats itself and every time it does, it’s still totally crazy.

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