Experience ‘Planet Earth II’ in Series of 360-Degree Videos

January 2, 2017 5:00 am
Lion at Night
(Vintage Images/Getty Images)
Lion at Night
(Vintage Images/Getty Images)


Our friends across the pond in the United Kingdom have already gotten to experience the wonder that is Planet Earth II, the BBC’s sequel to the simply awe-inspiring 2006 documentary, Planet Earth. Us Americans will have to wait until January 28, 2017, to begin watching the six-part series on BBC America, but fear not: The cable network has provided us with a delectable little sampling of each of the upcoming hourlong episodes.

The show will be broken up into this sextet of sections—”Islands,” “Mountains,” “Jungles,” “Deserts,” “Grasslands,” and “Cities”—and the Beeb has provided six video trailers for each section, all of which were recorded using 360-degree technology and surround sound. That is, so that you can actually feel like you’re, say, in the middle of the grasslands in Africa at night, along with a host of animals with big sharp teeth (see below).

Watch the six 360-degree videos below. For iPad users, make sure to open the videos in the YouTube app. For desktop users, we suggest going with full-screen mode and using noise-canceling headphones for the best experience. If you’ve got a virtual reality headset, we highly suggest using it for the fully-immersive experience.












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