Is R360 the World’s Most Exclusive Society for the Very Rich?

Just being a billionaire isn't enough to get you in

You'll need a lot of this to join an exclusive club for the very, very affluent.
Jingming Pan/Unsplash

How do you know when you’ve encountered a particularly rarefied organization dedicated to the very, very wealthy? For starters, having a billion dollars on hand won’t necessarily get you in. Welcome to the world of R360, which should not be confused with the 1960s Mazda coupe of the same name. Though if you’re a member of R360, you can probably afford your own personal fleet of vintage R360s. If you’re going be an eccentric billionaire, this would certainly be one way to pull it off.

Writing at Bloomberg, Suzanne Woolley has more details on the organization. The article opens with what could be accurately described as a next-level flex — namely, that R360’s membership committee recently turned down applications from a pair of billionaires.

“One person seemed to want to leverage the group to benefit their own business activities, and the other didn’t want to integrate his family,” managing partner Charles Garcia told Bloomberg.

As the quote above makes clear, this organization is designed for families rather than just individuals, with the families in question paying $180,000 for a three-year membership. Woolley writes that its focus is on increasing its members’ command of “financial, intellectual, spiritual, human, emotional and social” capital.

Members are slated to have access to programming produced in development with the likes of MIT, Harvard Medical School and West Point. Want someone to write your biography or make a documentary about your life? Via R360, you’ll have access to writers and filmmakers as well. According to the article, the organization is taking the long view. “[T]he idea is to have this around 100, 200 years from now,” Garcia told Bloomberg. It’s ambitious, for sure — but having a lot of money behind it may help it realize those ambitions.

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