The Difference Between Wine Drunk, Beer Drunk and Liquor Drunk

Drink for the drunk you want, not the drunk you'll regret

November 27, 2017 9:00 am

What would you like to drink?

Dipsomaniacs may answer, “a shot and leave the bottle.” Winos may request,”your finest Cabernet.” Nobody ever answers something “depressed” or “relaxed.”

But according to a new study published last week by the British medical journal BMJ Open, perhaps we should. The survey — which comprised of 30,000 international participants aged 18 to 34 — reveal that certain types of alcohol are actually linked to certain emotions, with the objective to pinpoint the rationale behind alcohol dependency and misuse.

Which, if anything, reliably confirms what we’ve all known for years: drinking makes you feel some kind of way.

The results show that 53% of participants said drinking red wine made them feel “relaxed,” whereas 43% of participants drinking hard liquor made them feel “sexy.” Spirits also were linked to negative feelings like aggression, restlessness and tearfulness.

In short: your feelings may directly influence your drink of choice. On the other hand, your drink of choice may directly reinforce your feelings.

All of which to say, in most cases, the answer is not at the bottom of the bottle.

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