Emirates Airlines Rolls Out New Electronics Ban Workaround Service

March 24, 2017 12:24 pm
(Emirates Airlines)
(Emirates Airlines)
(Emirates Airlines)
(Emirates Airlines)


Emirates Airlines, one of the several Gulf-based air carriers affected by the recently announced electronics ban, wants to make flying great again. The company is doing its best to ensure the new U.S. and U.K. aircraft security policy doesn’t get in the way of its customers’ experience.

They’re offering a free laptop and tablet concierge service for those who wish to use their devices up until the moment they board. Instead of losing access to their laptop or tablet for hours in their checked bag, this new policy allows passengers to simply hand off the banned electronics during the boarding process to Emirates security staff, who then stow them away in the cargo hold, Mashable reports.

“Our aim is to ensure compliance with the new rules, while minimizing disruption to passenger flow and impact on customer experience,” Emirates Airline President Tim Clark said in a press statement. “Our new complimentary service enables passengers, particularly those flying for business, to have the flexibility to use their devices until the last possible moment.”


Despite initial reports from U.S. administration officials that cited a specific threat, the Department of Homeland has said the electronics ban is a more general precaution.

According to the Washington Post, experts are perplexed by the policy. Airlines like Emirates are taking it in stride.



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