An Ancient Rock From Earth Was Found On The Moon

The rock was discovered by Apollo 14 astronauts

Moon Origin oldest rock
Apollo 8 view of earthrise over the moon. (Photo by Time Life Pictures/NASA/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images)

According to research published in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters, the ancient rock, thought to be Earth’s oldest was actually found on the moon by Apollo 14 astronauts, CNN reports.

The ancient rock contains the minerals quartz, zircon, and feldspar — all minerals commonly found on Earth, but not on the moon. The rock was formed between 4 and 4.1 billion years ago.

Scientists revealed that the rock was formed at temperatures associated with Earth and Earth-like settings, likely some 12.4 miles below the Earth’s surface. It most likely made its way to the lunar surface, they concluded, when a massive impact event on our planet hurled the rock into space, and onto the moon, which was about three times closer to Earth at the time.

“It is an extraordinary find that helps paint a better picture of early Earth and the bombardment that modified our planet during the dawn of life,” David Kring, principal investigator for the Center for Lunar Science and Exploration, said in a statement.

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