Report: Doctors Played “Price is Right”-Inspired Game in Surgery

Game shows are generally fun, but not in the middle of an operation

"The Price Is Right" Daytime Emmys-Themed Episode Taping
"The Price Is Right" Daytime Emmys-themed episode is taped at CBS Studios on May 24, 2010.
Valerie Macon/Getty Images

The fact that there’s now an entire network devoted entirely to game shows indicates the popularity of the format. Whether you’re doing a deep dive into the history of Jeopardy or watching a Saturday Night Live sketch with a game show theme, the permutations of game shows are almost limitless. There are, however, some places and situations where encountering the familiar tropes and phrases of a game show wouldn’t be enjoyable — and an operating room would certainly be near (if not at) the top of that list.

According to a new report at Deadline, a group of Michigan doctors are currently under investigation after the discovery of an Instagram account that suggested they’d been emulating game shows — The Price is Right, specifically — while performing operations.

The Instagram account, which has since been deleted, featured obstetrics and gynecology residents playing a Price is Right-esque game called “Guess That Weight.”

One post offered more context: “The other game we play in the OR is guess that weight. It applies to much more than just babies. As always, ‘Price is Right’ rules apply, so if you go over, then you’re out!” One of the images on the account showed an organ removed from a patient’s body during surgery for cancer.

Spectrum Health, located in Grand Rapids, is presently looking into the matter. “We were disappointed to learn that surgical images were posted on an Instagram account used by a group of residents and are taking steps to resolve this issue,” the hospital said in a statement. Someone thought this was a good idea, and someone was very wrong.

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