Chris D’Elia’s Team Releases New Emails in Attempt to Clear Sexual Harassment Allegations

The emails are meant to suggest that D'Elia was unaware (however willfully) that his accusers were underage

Okay, Chris. (Photo by Michael S. Schwartz/Getty Images)
Okay, Chris. (Photo by Michael S. Schwartz/Getty Images)
Getty Images

As Chris D’Elia’s career implodes after allegations accusing the comedian of sexually harassing underage girls surfaced last week, his team has produced email conversations between D’Elia and his accusers meant to “help prove that all of Chris’s relationships were both legal and consensual,” his rep told Page Six.

Calling the allegations against D’Elia a “coordinated attack,” the comedian’s rep added: “It is important that the public has all the information to make an informed decision.”

That information, according to D’Elia’s team, includes various email exchanges between the comedian and his accusers in which he appears to be ignorant — however willfully — of the accuser’s age, as well as emails in which the accusers appear to reciprocate D’Elia’s interest, which is somehow supposed to shift the blame to them, I guess?

One exchange from 2012 reportedly reveals that D’Elia asked accuser Clara Schaller how old she was midway through their conversation, to which she jokingly replied “12.” Pressed for a more serious answer, Schaller wrote “24?” which was apparently all the proof D’Elia needed to proceed. Moreover, as Page Six noted, D’Elia had already asked Schaller for “pics” before asking her age.

In another exchange D’Elia’s team produced, the comedian replied “Oh sh**. I thought you were at my [standup] show. Gotta be 18 [to get into that] at least. My bad. Bye,” after accuser Colleen Reilly told him she was 16.

The team also released a more recent message from October 2019 in which Simone Rossi, who accused D’Elia of asking her to “make out” and send photos of herself when she was only 16, wrote, “I’m 21 now and [down to f***].”

This, as one may have gathered, does not actually suggest that D’Elia did not pursue Rossi when she was underage. In fact, it seems to confirm that accusation. But anyway, thanks for clearing that up, D’Elia reps. Glad we now have all the information to make an informed decision.

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