Chinese Authorities Work to Rescue Trapped Gold Miners

At least 12 of the miners are still alive

Rescue efforts for trapped minors
Rescuers drill a new channel at the explosion site of a gold mine in Qixia City, east China's Shandong Province, Jan. 18, 2021.
Wang Kai/Xinhua via Getty Images

Earlier this month, a group of 22 miners were trapped in a gold mine in Qixia, located in western China. A report from Reuters at the time noted that mining accidents are tragically frequent in China, with 573 people dying in mining accidents last year. The efforts to save these men, trapped in a gold mine, has taken on a new urgency as their supply of fresh air begins to dwindle.

At the Los Angeles Times, a new report offers an update on the tense situation in Qixia. At least 12 of the 22 trapped miners are still alive, and a substantial rescue operation continues to work to bring them back to the surface. On Sunday, the rescue crew received a note from some of the miners, accounting for 12 of them. “Keep on with the rescue efforts. We have hope, thank you,” said the note.

Conditions remain worrying, however: 4 of the miners are hurt, and a lack of water and fresh air has made for an even more nerve-wracking situation. A group of over 300 people is working to dig a new shaft to reach the space where the miners are currently trapped — a massive effort, and a race against time.

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