China’s Mysterious Underwater Base Features A.I. And Robots

Humans will not occupy the base.

Peking, China - November 13: A Chinese flag, captured on November 13, 2018 in Peking, China. (Photo by Inga Kjer/Photothek via Getty Images)
Photothek via Getty Images

China has been working on a mysterious underwater base and now, according to New Scientist, details about the base have been revealed.

The station, which won’t be occupied by humans, will have submersible robots and artificial intelligence doing the work, Futurism reports.

The automatons will be able to do the scientific research on behalf of scientists monitoring findings from the surface. The robotic submarines will complete exploratory missions and return to the base where it will dock and recharge. The structure itself will collect data and microorganism as they pass by the structure.

The base, according to New Scientist, could be located in either the Manila trench or the Okinawa trough. Because sunlight won’t reach the base at such deep depths, solar power is out of the question so, the base would need to be powered by a connection that reaches the surface.

Scientists from around the world are excited about the new underwater research center: “The ocean covers most of our planet, and what happens there affects us all,” Jon Copley, a professor at the University of Southampton, told New Scientist. He added that “anywhere in deep water could be interesting for science.”

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