Who OK’d This Waterfall on the Side of a Chinese Skyscraper?

No time to shower before work? Just pause on the way in.

July 27, 2018 9:00 am

It’s a tough time for mediocre architects. Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates have the world’s-tallest-building tug-of-war all locked down, so what are all the other skyscraper designers supposed to do?

Slap waterfalls on them, apparently.

The new architectural wonder of the world is a 350-foot waterfall that shoots out of the side of the Liebian Building in Guiyang, China.

Wait a second: massive cascade of water plus the wind gusts at 32 stories up … How are they keeping the water contained? Apparently, they’re not.

“People in the southwestern city of Guiyang telephoned newspapers to report what they believed was a massive water leak,” writes the Times.

Don’t worry, environmentalists, as the New York Post writes, the falls are only turned on for special occasions, only used for 10-20 minutes at a time and run on recycled water sources like tap water and rainwater.

“The company … claim its [sic] a refreshing attraction in the heat of the summer as the water sprays into the surrounding area.”

Collective shower in the middle of the city? We’ll pass.

Photos via Luxury Launches


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