Catherine Oxenberg Discusses Losing Her Daughter To Sex Cult Nxivm

It took the "Dynasty" star years to rescue her daughter.

catherine oxenberg
Catherine Oxenberg on "Megyn Kelly Today" (YouTube)

In 2017, Catherine Oxenberg went on Megyn Kelly Today to talk about Keith Raniere and his cult, Nxivm. She brought the media a strange but true story about her daughter’s brainwashing into a secret sorority where women were trained as “slaves,” branded, and forced to follow orders at the risk of punishment or public humiliation, writes The Daily Beast. She only went to the media after struggling on her own to get her daughter out of the cult.

“Going public was a last resort for me,” she explained, according to The Daily Beast, “because the idea of exposing my daughter at this level was horrendous, and I had an idea that it could cause permanent estrangement.”

Oxenberg, known for her role on Dynasty, introduced her daughter India to Nxivm’s Executive Success Programs, believing that the course would help her 19-year-old grow as a young entrepreneur. Oxenberg has written a book, Captive: A Mother’s Crusade to Save Her Daughter from a Terrifying Cult, about watching her daughter become one of Rainiere’s victims.

Though the story ends with Rainere and his alleged sex-cult consigliere Allison Mack in handcuffs, Oxenberg did not know where the story was headed when she started because India was still in Nxvim when she started writing.

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