The New Playmate of the Year Makes NSFW Art on the Side

‘No deeper profound meanings,’ she claims. You be the judge.

April 27, 2017 9:00 am

As we learned earlier this week, Playmates can be anyone and do anything, from pro wrestling to horse racing to inspiring Jeff Koons.

Witness Brook Power, the Oahu-based Native American who was just crowned the 58th Playmate of the Year. Not only is she a new mom, Power also makes psychedelic nudie collages in her spare time under the name BushBabyArt.

Brook Power (5 images)

“I like to create dreamy little worlds to let your imagination roam in,” notes Power. “No deeper profound meanings, no social commentary or any of that bullshit. Just an image, with a vibe, to serve as a nice jumping off point for other weird little minds to get silly in.”

All the images by Power are hand cut from paper  and pasted with glue sticks (“preferably Elmer’s that starts purple but dries clear”).

So if you’re in the mood for some NSFW imagery made by a beautiful woman, check out the full collection here.

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