Inside the Gutted Boeing 747 That Just Landed at Burning Man

Big Imagination’s jet looks like one long, strange trip

August 30, 2016 9:00 am

After years of seeing many an unidentified flying object pass over Black Rock City, Burning Man attendees finally have one they can get up close and personal with.

Because this Boeing 747 — while psychedelic — is very, very real.

Designed by the Big Imagination Foundation artist collective, the gutted 1985 plane is a massive “art car” filled with lounges, installations, dancefloors and tricked-out light fixtures.

The plane — which was stripped, strengthened and modified in the Mojave Desert and then towed 450 miles to Burning Man — was converted “from a mover of people and cargo to a mover of dreams” that “represents our journey through life towards one’s future.”

One of the guys who helped Big Imagination raise $85,000 in funding for the plane, Ken Feldman, calls the plane “my Everest” and says building it was a once-in-a-lifetime thing.

“It’s a beautiful plane. It’s iconic. The 747 is a force of design,” Feldman told TechCrunch. “You have to think of it not as a vessel, but as a stage. It’s elegant and beautiful.”

We’re not sure about all that, but it does look like a real trip, maaan.

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