Bill Gates Lists Breakthrough Technology For 2019

Robotic arms and sewerless sanitation systems make the roster.

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Bill Gates. (Ida Mae Astute/ABC via Getty Images)

Bill Gates is always on a quest to better the world through science and technology and now the billionaire philanthropist is sharing his list of breakthrough tech for 2019.

According to MIT Technology Review, cow-free burgers, a gut probe, and new-wave nuclear power all make the list.

“I wanted to choose things that not only will create headlines in 2019 but captured this moment in technological history,” the former Microsoft CEO wrote, “which got me thinking about how innovation has evolved over time.”

Another innovation on the list includes advances in robotics, specifically robotic dexterity. “One such project is Dactyl, a robot that taught itself to flip a toy building block in its fingers,” Gates explained.

A probe the size of a pill meant to examine a patient’s gut without the use of anesthesia is also something Gates is excited about in 2019. The tiny device could help lead to more diagnoses of environmental enteric dysfunction (EED), one of the most costly diseases in poor countries.

Other technological breakthroughs that made the list are meat-free burgers that could help reduce greenhouse gases, toilets that need no sewer system to function, and a blood test that could warn of premature births, as well as advances in AI assistant tech.

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