The 16 Best Apps for Winter Travel

Cheap tix, refunds, lounge access and more

December 23, 2016 9:00 am

Today, you’re not going to buy anything.

And we’re not going to sell you anything.

Because today, you’re probably in transit, and have nothing on your mind but making it as painless as possible. (If you’re sitting next to 80s pop star Richard Marx, count yourself safe.)

So, our free gift to you: the 16 best apps for winter travel.

Some new. Some you may know. And one that’ll basically sue airlines on your behalf for travel delays.

Bon voyage.

Hitlist: Don’t have a place or set date in mind? This app simply tells you when and where it’s cheapest to go. They’ll even give you situational suggestions: weekend getaways, last-minute holiday escapes, etc. (iOS)

Pana: Organize your travel plans via an intuitive bot, collaborate on group itineraries, get real-time alerts for flight changes and get automatic flight check-ins. AI comes to personal travel. (iOS)

Packpoint: A packing list that takes into account your destination, length of trip and even the weather. And for the holidays, the premium version is now free. (iOS, Android)

Citymapper: All the public transit info you need for wherever you’re going, plus biking routes and Uber integration. Never get lost again.

FLIO: Get directly connected to an airport’s wifi if it’s available. The app also offers exclusive discounts, transport options from the airport and useful info, like finding charging stations. Backup plan: the constantly updated Wi-Fi FreeSpot Directory has a list of every airport with free wireless access, along with free wifi offered by hotels, restaurants and businesses. (iOS, Android, web)

Suiteness: Looking to party in Vegas, Miami, NYC or LA for New Year’s? This site offers exclusive access to luxury suites. (web)

Mobile Passport: Speed through express lines at customs and passport control. One caveat: it’s only available at 20 airports, and when we went to use it at Newark’s airport on a Sunday, the line was closed. (iOS, Android)

MapsMe: Offline maps for times when wifi isn’t available and your phone plan doesn’t cross borders. (iOS, Android)

Skift: The best airline and travel resource around. Not great for immediate problems, but a must-read for trends, news and travel concepts so awesome you’ll never actually see them. (web)

Simple Habit: The Spotify of relaxation. You’re going to need five minutes of meditation here or there, trust. (iOS, Android)

HONK: Towing and roadside assistance, no matter where you’re stuck. (iOS, Android)

flightSpeak: Hack your way through the airport. Find security wait times, airport stores, wifi information and tips from fellow passengers. (iOS, Android)

LoungeBuddy: Get one-day passes to the best airport lounges. That seven-hour delay isn’t so bad now, is it? (iOS, Android)

Streaks: A personal trainer for your smartphone. No gym needed. (iOS)

AirHelp: Disgruntled fliers, take note: these guys will get you back any fees you’re owed due to late or canceled flights. (iOS, Android, web)

Recharge: Luxury hotel rooms by the minute. Do with that what you want. (iOS)

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