This Solar-Powered, Wifi-Enabled Streetlight Is 100% Power Outage-Proof

The future of streetlights is ... bright

November 18, 2016 9:00 am

If I could have a beer with anyone in history, it’d be Ben Franklin.

Statesman. Publisher. Inventor. Dispenser of wisdom with a razor-sharp wit.

He believed it was the little things that made the big difference. For instance, though he didn’t invent the streetlamp, he did improve its design by creating an airflow that kept the glass bulbs clear and the flame burning brighter. This little fix made streets brighter, and in turn, people felt safer at night, businesses stayed open later and people made more money.

It’s similar to the story of Totem, a new solar-powered LED streetlight that’s not only softer and brighter than current models — it also transmits WiFi and 4G communications that can be used in case of a grid failure.

The tiered, flat-topped design houses photovoltaic panels that face the optimal direction for sunlight — and also looks like a piece of contemporary art, which will enhance streetscapes even in the daylight.

Mr. Franklin would surely approve.

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