In Case You Wanted to Build an Endless Colony of Interlocking Tents …

Human tentipede, anyone?

By The Editors
June 20, 2017 9:00 am

Tents that connect together modular-style are nothing new.

Neither are tents stitched with super strong ripstop. And bug netting? Yeah, we’ve seen that, too.

But tents that have a floor that doubles as a mattress, with a bed-like blanket that can withstand cold temperatures? Now we’re listening.

That’s the Rhinowolf, and it’s about halfway to being funded on Indiegogo, with a month to go.

By folding the mattress and the sleeping bag into the Rhinowolf cuts a couple of pounds (it’s 5.5 lbs) off of your normal gear set up. Also, there’s only one pole, therefore, it compacts to the size of your sleeping bag stuff sack, which means — holy space-saving Batman — you’re carrying one bag instead of three.

Another thing that separates this modular tent from others (aside from the bright colors) is that you can also create walls between tents once they’re connected for a little extra privacy.

rhinowolf (3 images)

Of course, for this to work, all of your friends need to get one, too. So share this with them and get in there before the Indiegogo deals close.

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