Police Issue Arrest Warrant for “Jackass” Alum Bam Margera

This follows a domestic violence arrest earlier this year

Bam Margera in 2013. As of April 24, 2023, there was an arrest warrant issued for the former "Jackass" star.
Bam Margera in 2013.
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Bam Margera’s post-Jackass life has taken an especially bleak turn this week, with Pennsylvania police searching for the skateboarder and television personality. As reported by Christian Holub at Entertainment Weekly, a warrant has been issued for Margera’s arrest.

As Holub writes, Margera is currently facing a number of charges, including simple assault, harassment and “four charges of terroristic threats ‘with intention to terrorize another.’”

In announcing the search, the Pennsylvania State Police allege that Margera “was involved in a physical confrontation” with someone who suffered “minor injuries” as a result. Margera then left the scene.

Bam Margera Files Lawsuit Over “Jackass” Firing
The skateboarder and stuntman was removed from filming after allegedly violating a drug policy

Jackass fans may remember a contentious legal situation that sprung up during the process of making Jackass Forever, which found Margera filing a lawsuit arguing that he was wrongly fired from the film. This was just one part of a larger morass involving the making of said film — which also included director Jeff Tremaine obtaining a temporary protection order against the star and Margera undergoing regular drug testing as a condition of working on the film. Margera’s lawsuit was settled last year.

Sadly, this is not the first time this year Margera has faced legal trouble. In March, he was arrested on charges of domestic violence in Escondido, California. Last fall, he returned to rehab after leaving the facility at which he had been previously treated.

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