The Army’s Next Rifle May Have Four Barrels That Can Shoot All At Once

The prototype of the weapon was designed in a garage in Colorado Springs.

Stock image of a rifle. (Getty Images)
Getty Images/Tetra images RF

The U.S. Army has ordered a prototype of a weapon that has four barrels and can fire all four rounds at once in a devastating solo, reports Popular Mechanics. The prototype was created in a garage in Colorado Springs by inventor Martin Grier.

The weapon sports four vertically stacked barrels covered in a single block of steel, with an electric firing system, and four-round blocks of ammunition. None of these features are incorporated into current small arms, reports Popular Mechanics. The first rifle weighs 6.5 pounds, which is surprisingly light for having four barrels. The Army’s current M4 carbine weighs about seven pounds.

The weapon’s ammo blocks hold four rounds of six-millimeter ammunition, which is what the Army is considering stepping up to for increased range and penetration. Grier has put $500,000 into his invention.

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