Apple Rumors: New iPhone Releases Will Include Two OLED Models

The tech giant's fresh phones will reportedly feature triple-lens cameras.

The Apple logo displayed on a tablet. (LIONEL BONAVENTURE/AFP/Getty Images)
The Apple logo displayed on a tablet. (LIONEL BONAVENTURE/AFP/Getty Images)
AFP/Getty Images

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If you like triple-lens cameras, you’re gonna like these Apples.

According to a post on Japanese tech blog Macotakara, Apple’s next iPhone release will apparently include a pair of OLED models equipped with triple-lens cameras.

Cameras equipped with a third lens offer potential advantages including increased optical zoom, improved low-light performance, and better photo quality in general because they are able to capture an added amount of light and color data. The triple-lens cameras should also improve the iPhone’s augmented reality capabilities, a technology Apple has long been interested in integrating into its products.

“VR has some interesting applications, but I don’t think it’s a broad-based technology like AR,” Tim Cook told BuzzFeed in 2016. “Augmented reality will take some time to get right, but I do think that it’s profound. We might … have a more productive conversation, if both of us have an AR experience standing here, right? And so I think that things like these are better when they’re incorporated without becoming a barrier to our talking. You want the technology to amplify it, not to be a barrier.”

The new phones, reportedly a 6.1-inch and 6.5-inch model, could both potentially be slimmer than the iPhone XS despite their increased size.

Equipped with USB-C to Lightning cables as well as a USB-C power adapter, the new phones should have the capabilities to charge AirPods and wireless devices.

Here’s what Macotakara thinks it will all look like:

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