Is This App the Solution to Premature Ejaculation?

Morari Medical's wearable climax control patch is now app-enabled

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Mor the future of climax control
Morari Medical

From a Fitbit for your dick to a birth control hot tub for your balls, the future is here, and it’s full of sex tech. Two years ago, we brought you news of the first-ever wearable solution to premature ejaculation, a transdermal patch from sex tech startup Morari Medical that made its debut as a prototype at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas in 2020. Flash forward two years, and the product — while not yet available to the public — has now assumed an app-based format, signaling it is one step closer to becoming a reality for men struggling withe PE.

The device, which has recently been branded “Mor,” features a patch designed to be worn between a user’s scrotum and anus that works by interfering or temporarily inhibiting the nerve signal between the penis and the brain, thus helping with premature ejaculation or extending the sexual experience. Connected to an app, the device delivers small electric pulses to the area, interrupting signals from the brain and delaying ejaculation.

The amount of stimulation can be controlled using the app, which first appeared at CES this year. The product features a small battery, a Bluetooth transmitter and a wireless transdermal electric neuromodulation (TENS) unit. And while having a series of electric pulses applied to your manhood might sound a bit off-putting, Morari Medical’s CEO Jeff Bennett has compared the sensation to a pleasurable “tickle.” Back in 2020, Bennett also assured us that the patch won’t pull on any hair that happens to be present in that sensitive area.

“It’s not like a bandaid where it rips out the hair,” Bennett told InsideHook at the time, explaining that the product uses “a very novel substance” designed to adhere to the skin without causing any discomfort, regardless of the wearer’s grooming habits.

While Mor will come as a first of its kind solution for the roughly 30 percent of men who struggle with premature ejaculation, Bennett has previously suggested the product could double as a pleasure device for any men hoping to improve their sexual wellness and extend the duration of their sex sessions, regardless of whether they actually meet the criteria for PE.

“Our product isn’t just for PE, it’s for delaying ejaculation. Whether you meet the definition of PE or you don’t, it can be useful for delaying the experience, and both parties benefit from it,” said Bennett.

Per a press release, Mor is currently under development and should be coming to phones and perinea near you by early 2023.

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