Grifter “Heiress” Anna Sorokin Released From Prison Early

Sorokin has returned to the streets of Manhattan

anna sorokin
Apparently prison is exhausting.
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Congratulations are in order to faux heiress Anna Sorokin, AKA Delvey, who has been released early from prison. In case you forgot, Sorokin was sentenced to four to 12 years in prison back in 2019 on charges related to an elaborate scheme in which she pretended to be a German heiress in order to scam her way into an elite circle of wealthy Manhattanites and grift money from banks and other institutions.

Sorokin was released on parole Thursday after completing a nearly four-year sentence that included time she spent in jail on Rikers Island ahead of her trial — an experience from which Sorokin drew heavily in crafting the unsolicited advice she passed along to Donald Trump last month in light of the former president’s ongoing legal troubles.

Sorokin’s sentence was reportedly reduced due to good behavior, and the infamous grifter was merit released to parole, according to Department of Corrections records. Sorokin, who referred to herself as a “model prisoner” in last month’s open letter to Trump, has since returned to social media, congratulating the Manhattan District Attorney’s good judgment in granting her Thursday release from Albion Correction Facility.

“Good job @ManhattanDA,” Sorokin wrote in a since-deleted tweet from a new Twitter account under the heiress pseudonym, Anna Delvey.

Sorokin/Delvey has also made her return to Instagram, sharing a snap this morning of herself wearing sunglasses in bed captioned, “Prison is so exhausting, you wouldn’t know.”

Despite her early release, Sorokin is reportedly appealing the charges against her in an attempt to clear her name. According to Sorokin’s attorneys, the money she owed to banks only represents civil dispute level grifting, not criminal grifting.

“It’s in her interest to pursue the appeal because she has her whole identity riding on this,” Sorokin’s attorney Audrey A. Thomas told Insider.

Sorokin’s latest Instagram post is geo-tagged in Manhattan, which, according to the New York Post, suggests the recently released convict is staying with the “male friend” she told the Board of Parole she’d be staying with upon her release. Sorokin may not be walking the streets of Manhattan for long, however. According to the Post, she “expects to be deported back to Germany imminently,” though pandemic complications and Biden-era moves limiting deportation could delay her exit.

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