Our Fearless Grifter Queen Anna Delvey Is Reportedly in ICE Custody

If Delvey got out from behind bars once, she can do it again

anna delvey sits in a court room resting her chin on her hand
Delvey may be behind bars again, but she'll be back.
TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images

If you, like me, are a devoted follower of former “Soho grifter” Anna Delvey’s glamorous post-prison exploits, you may have found yourself wondering where she’s been lately. Delvey, the infamous faux German heiress who did time for scamming thousands out of New York’s elite, has been documenting her return to the streets of Manhattan on social media religiously since her early release from prison back in February, but her usually active Instagram has gone dark in recent days. Her last post was shared on March 23, and her Instagram story, usually filled with updates on the former inmate’s latest adventures in Manhattan, has been inactive for days. So what’s she up to?

Unfortunately, it would seem our fearless grifter queen isn’t just lying low before announcing a new project or making a covert return to grifting. According to the New York Post, she’s back behind bars — different bars, but still bars. The Post reports Delvey, a Russian-born German citizen, is in custody of US Immigration and Customs Enforcement. A law-enforcement source told the outlet Delvey reported to immigration authorities at 26 Federal Plaza in lower Manhattan on March 25 and is now being held at the Bergen County Jail in Hackensack, New Jersey.

Upon Delvey’s release from Albion Correctional Facility in February, early reports speculated that the recently freed inmate might be deported. While Delvey seemed to defy these predictions, immediately checking into the NoMad and settling back into Manhattan life, it seems her time in the city might finally be coming to an end. According to the Post, Delvey was scheduled to be deported to Germany on March 26, but ultimately didn’t get on the plane. It’s unclear whether she formally challenged the deportation.

“She overstayed her visa and has a conviction on top of it. She’s immediately removable unless she filed some application for relief,” said attorney Steven Pugliese, an immigration lawyer. “If there’s an application pending she would most likely remain in custody until it’s adjudicated.”

A heartbreaking turn of events for the grifter queen and her stans like myself, but if Delvey managed to get out from behind bars and return to the streets of Manhattan once, I have faith she can do it again. #FreeAnna.

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