Americans Are Starting to Change Their Mind About British Brews

Americans have long rejected British beer as too warm and flat, but now, brewers are trying to change that.

Beer made by the local Windsor and Eton Brewery. (Steve Parsons/PA Images via Getty Images)
PA Images via Getty Images

Americans are pretty picky about their beer. They have long complained that British booze is too warm or flat or bitter or mild. So instead they stick to lagers or craft brews and leave the British to their pints. But now, a Minnesota-born brewer with a passion for English ale is trying to change all that, starting with serving cask-conditioned bitters, milds, pales, goldens and porters in Los Angeles.

“British beers have been flying under the radar here. They’re maligned and they basically apologize for being what they are,” said Andy Black, according to The Guardian. “We’re not apologizing. We’re proud of what we do and want to be in your face about it.”

Black is the head brewer at Yorkshire Square, in Torrance, south of LA. The brewery is riding a small, growing movement that is embracing traditional British-style beer. Megan Krigbaum, a contributing editor to Punch, a New York-based online drinks magazine, agrees that it might be time for British beer in America.

“British beer? I think it’s on the way,” she said, according to The Guardian.

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