The Fat Jew Got Cozy With Charlotte McKinney

Maybe a Buddha belly really is good luck

July 26, 2016 9:00 am

Among the hard bodies and well-oiled attendees of Miami Swim Week 2016, there was one peculiar if not instantly recognizable new face. Social media sensation The Fat Jew (@thefatjewish) touched down in Miami Beach with his trademark topknot in tow for one of the week’s most eccentric parties.

The Money, Pizza, Respect ‘author’ rubbed shoulders (and maybe even his speedo) with celebrity partygoers like Scott Eastwood and models Charlotte McKinney, Sandra Kubicka, and Hunter McGrady at BASEMENT, located in the Miami Beach Edition Hotel. The bowling and ice skating-themed bash celebrated the release of Issue 11 of treats! magazine, the high-toned erotic men’s magazine that took a serious gamble by putting the heavyset Instagrammer on its latest cover.

The Fat Jew made one hell of an entrance in a look you probably didn’t see on the runway.

Two swimwear models hit the bowling alley, with one treating us to the Issue 11 cover.

treats! Founder and CEO Steve Shaw coordinated with actor Scott Eastwood, son of Clint.

The Fat Jew… um… posed for a photo with Founder Steve Shaw. Can’t tell who is more appropriately dressed for the occasion.

The Fat Jew recreated his treats! cover, on which he lounges on a model’s magnified backside. But this time, the model sat on him.

A wholesome family photo, no doubt.

Bikini-clad models going ice-skating in Miami. Nothing unusual here, folks…

Three models got cheeky on the rink.

The social media phenom was too caught up in his work to appreciate what was right in front of him.

In the night’s high point, The Fat Jew got cozy with model Charlotte McKinney. Steve Shaw posted the evidence to Instagram.

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