Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Barstool Sports Founder Dave Portnoy Clash Over Unions

Saturdays are for the boys (thanks to unions)

alexandria ocasio-cortez and david portnoy

In what was/is perhaps the weirdest internet beef of all time, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Dave Portnoy, the President of frat-bro haven Barstool Sports, got into a Twitter argument yesterday over … unions?

Portnoy went on a Twitter rampage prompted by news that the staff of Bill Simmons’s sports site The Ringer had unionized. On Monday Portnoy tweeted a link to a 2015 blog post he’d written when Gawker unionized, noting that if Barstool employees ever tried to follow their lead, he would “smash their little union to smithereens.”

These anti-union sentiments were brought to the attention of many on Twitter, including staff writer for Live Science Rafi Letzter, who replied to Portnoy’s tweet on Tuesday, saying if any Barstool employees were looking to unionize and needed advice, his DMs were open. Portnoy quote-tweeted Letzter, adding he would fire any employee who messaged Letzter.

And because under the National Labor Relations Act firing or disciplining employees who are interested in unionizing is super fucking illegal, this also drew the attention of AFL-CIO, the New York Department of Labor — and AOC.

Portnoy responded to the Congresswomen with a gif, and the classic and always effective “debate me” taunt. Meanwhile, Donald Trump Jr. came to Portnoy’s defense and tweeted that picking a fight with Barstool and Portnoy would be the “biggest mistake AOC has ever made on Twitter.”

Many Twitter users were quick to point out the irony of the entire situation since all the athletes Barstool regularly covers are unionized, and their tagline — “Saturdays are for the boys” — which has been so integral to the site’s popularity among idiots, would be meaningless were it not for unions.

However, employees at Barstool reassured the public that their boss is super cool, they have good health insurance, 401ks and don’t feel the need to unionize.

So we can all rest easy knowing the boys over at Barstool are not worried about workers’ rights and they can go back to stealing other creators’ content and harassing their female sportswriters.

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