Airplane Bathrooms Are In Fact Getting Smaller

Airlines have been replacing the old bathrooms with newer, smaller units.

Interior of  plane
Interior of plane
Getty Images/iStockphoto

A new article in The Wall Street Journal investigates new airplane bathrooms, confirming that, as many have suspected, they’re getting smaller. Many airline companies have chosen to expand other parts of their aircrafts, usually at the expense of the bathrooms.

According to The Wall Street Journal’s own tape measurements of newer airplane bathrooms, a standard new model is 20% smaller than its predecessor.

As airlines argue, slimming down bathrooms means more legroom for rows, or in extreme cases, extra rows of seats. Selling more seats and more extra-leg room seats of course gives airlines incredible financial incentive to neglect spacious bathrooms.

It seems passenger discomfort in the restroom will continue, as airlines find increasingly creative ways to sell more tickets.

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