43-Year-Old Kate Beckinsale Shows Off Results of Fitness Regimen

April 11, 2017 11:45 am

Back in 2009, Esquire magazine named Kate Beckinsale the “Sexiest Woman Alive.” And for the British actress, who’s become a household name in the sci-fi genre, with turns in the Underworld movies and Van Helsing, staying in shape has been a big part of her continued success as she has hit her forties.

According to Shape, Beckinsale’s worked with private chefs to balance out her diet and personal trainers who get her onscreen ready. Celebrity trainer Ramona Braganza, for example, used a routine of three segments of cardio, two circuits of strength training, and one core daily on the set of Underworld Awakening to make sure Beckinsale looked good in that unforgiving leather catsuit. 

Take a look at some shots she’s recently posted to Instagram below as proof that her methods are working.


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